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Archive: September 2008

New UNSC Resolution:  Toothless wonder?

September 27, 2008

The Security Council adopted its fifth resolution on Iran today, this one containing no new sanctions or punitive actions, but reiterating its support for previous sanctions and calling on Iran again to comply with UN demands that it halt its enrichment program and return to the negotiating table.  Some analysts will point to this resolution as yet… Read More ›

Ahmadinejad addresses UN General Assembly

September 23, 2008

I of course was watching through the narrow lens of Iran’s nuclear program and listening for what, if anything President Ahmadinejad would have to say about his centrifuges.  Iran scholars are better at parsing his lengthy introduction, which sounded rather like a didactic sermon with a lot of demanding “obeisance” to God.  The Israel bashing was especially heavy– conjuring images… Read More ›