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Archive: March 2009

Nuclear Weapon Breakout Scenarios: Correcting the Record

March 18, 2009

ISIS analyzes a March 2 paper published by Alexander Glaser and R. Scott Kemp of Princeton University regarding Iran’s ability to produce a nuclear weapon in light of the February 19 2009 IAEA report.

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ISIS analyzes the statements of administration officials on Iran

March 12, 2009

ISIS takes a look at the comments of the Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair in light of previous statements made by high ranking administration officials regarding Iran’s nuclear program and its potential ability to produce nuclear weapons. On March 10 Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair gave a statement to the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities… Read More ›

How enriching uranium is like making apple cider

March 3, 2009

We want to say a few words on the issue of producing weapon-grade uranium from a stock of low enriched uranium.  Some have suggested that 1,010 kg of low enriched uranium is not sufficient, arguing that based on Natanz’s operation to date, too much uranium-235 is left in the tails to produce enough weapon-grade uranium for a bomb.  This is… Read More ›

Mullen vs. Gates on Iran this Sunday:  Did they really contradict each other?

March 2, 2009

Mark Heinrich’s piece for Reuters highlights the apparent contradiction between the two senior officials as they spoke on Sunday morning talk shows, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on NBC’s Meet the Press and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen on CNN’s State of the Union.  Upon close inspection though, their comments are really… Read More ›