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Archive: September 2009

Is the Qom enrichment facility a repurposed tunnel complex?

September 29, 2009

The analysis of commercial satellite imagery from 2004, 2005 and 2009 seems to suggest that the recently disclosed Qom centrifuge enrichment facility in Iran may have previously been a tunnel complex not specifically designated for enrichment purposes. The limited early construction as compared to the greatly increased pace that follows seem to suggested that the facility was converted to house… Read More ›

Suspected Qom enrichment plant site image overlay by Ogle Earth

September 28, 2009

Ogle Earth, using recent satellite imagery provided by ISIS and DigitalGlobe, has created a Google Earth viewable map of the most likely candidate for the Qom enrichment plant site in Iran. The downloadable KML file when opened in Google Earth provides an overlay of the 2005 and 2009 imagery of the site.
You can download the file here:… Read More ›

New Satellite Imagery of Suspected Gas Centrifuge Site Near Qom, Iran

September 27, 2009

ISIS has obtained new commercial satellite imagery from GeoEye taken on September 26, 2009 of the suspected covert gas centrifuge facility under construction near Qom, Iran. This is one of the two suspect sites that ISIS assessed on Friday were likely locations of the facility. ISIS assesses that this site is the most likely location of the centrifuge facility revealed… Read More ›

Satellite Imagery of Two Possible Sites of the Qom Enrichment Facility in Iran

September 25, 2009

ISIS takes a look at 2 sites that fit the reports of the possible locations of the recently disclosed Qom uranium enrichment facility in Iran.
Both sites display tunnel entrances into facilities located within mountains and in the confines of military bases within 30-40km from the city of Qom.
The set of before and after commercial satellite… Read More ›

U.S. statements regarding the disclosure of the Qom enrichment plant

September 25, 2009

Here are the USG-drafted background and talking points regarding the disclosure of the clandestine centrifuge facility at Qom.

Official U.S. Government Statements Regarding the Qom Enrichment Plant Disclosure

Q&A on the Qom Enrichment Plant Disclosure

Video of the statements by the… Read More ›

NYT reports clandestine facility near Qom

September 25, 2009

There is significant breaking news today of an alleged clandestine facility in Iran, which though not currently operational, could eventually house as many as 3,000 centrifuges.  According to the New York Times, the underground site is located near the holy city of Qom, south of Tehran.  The IAEA’s director of safeguards, Olli Heinonen, has been… Read More ›

Concern increases over Venezuela’s nuclear ambitions and strengthening ties to Iran

September 22, 2009

Recently Hugo Chavez announced that Venezuela would seek the cooperation of Russia in developing a nuclear program that could involve the construction of a research reactor and a power reactor. In light of Venezuela’s strengthening ties with Iran, claims by Chavez that the two countries should cooperate in the nuclear realm, the announcement that Venezuela would supply Iran with refined… Read More ›

ISIS Case Study of the trials of German-Iranian trader Mohsen Vanaki and the relevant intelligence

September 16, 2009

ISIS takes a look at the case of Mohsen Vanaki, a German-Iranian trader, who was arrested in November 2007 and charged for brokering several deals to illicitly transfer dual use materials for what the German intelligence service (BND) believed to be an ongoing Iranian nuclear weapons program. The report analyzes the initial dismissal of charges and a following reversal by… Read More ›

Iran proposal to EU

September 11, 2009

Congratulations to Dafna Linzer at ProPublica for scooping us on this (we worked very hard yesterday to get a copy but not fast enough to beat Dafna).  A link to Iran’s response to the EU/U.S. offer of diplomatic engagement on the nuclear issue is here.

We are sure that plenty of analysis will be forthcoming from all… Read More ›

Natanz Enrichment Plant: How to Measure Progress

September 1, 2009

Before the release of the much anticipated August 2009 IAEA safeguards report on Iran there were a lot of rumors regarding a supposed slow down in the Iranian enrichment program. Following the IAEA report which indicated that 2 cascades with a total of 328 centrifuges at the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant had been taken off line, some media… Read More ›