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Archive: April 2011

ISIS Resources on the Stuxnet Worm

April 15, 2011

ISIS has been closely following and reporting on the Stuxnet computer malware that attacked Iran’s nuclear program, identifying the Natanz enrichment facility as the most likely target, assessing the damage to Natanz, and understanding the pathway of Stuxnet to Natanz. 

ISIS issued on February 15, 2011 an update to its December 22, 2010 ISIS Report on Stuxnet.  The February… Read More ›

Yadegari Appeal Denied by Canadian Court

April 14, 2011

On April 12, the Ontario Court of Appeal denied the appeal of Mahmoud Yadegari, who was convicted in July 2010 of illegally attempting to export nuclear dual-use pressure transducers obtained in the United States from Canada to Iran via transshipment in Dubai.  Pressure transducers can be used to measure the gas pressure of uranium hexafluoride inside centrifuge cascades and are… Read More ›