The universe of Iran-relevant and proliferation/security-related websites is large. The following is a selection of blogs and websites covering this issue.

NGOs and think-tanks with Iran-specific projects and websites:

American Foreign Policy Project

Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran

Carnegie Endowment (Iran) (Nonproliferation)

CSIS Middle East Program

Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Center for Nonproliferation Studies (Monterey Institute of International Studies)

Federation of American Scientists

Global Security

Iran Watch/Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control

National Iranian American Council

Nuclear Threat Initiative

Program on Science and Global Security (Princeton University)

The Gulf/2000 Project
(This is a member's only website with substantial resources available on its public portion.)

Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues


Arms Control Wonk

Enriched Iranium

Iran Nuclear Watch

Nukes on a Blog

Total WonkKerr

Verification, Implementation, and Compliance