ISIS Iran Reports

The following reports address specific issues in Iran's nuclear programs, whether imagery analysis of ongoing work at a nuclear site such as Natanz, our assessment of the latest IAEA report on Iran’s implementation of its safeguards obligations, or a summary of where the various U.S. Presidential candidates stand on the issues.

Archive: September 2012

September 17, 2012: Revisiting Danilenko and the Explosive Chamber at Parchin: A Review Based on Open Sources,

A detailed look into how and where Danilenko could have contributed to Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons efforts.

September 17, 2012: Revisiting Vyacheslav Danilenko: His Origins in the Soviet Nuclear Weapons Complex,

A comprehensive look at the technical knowledge and background of Soviet scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko whose work and expertise might have been put to use in Iranian nuclear weaponization efforts.

September 11, 2012: Time for Action on Iran at IAEA Board of Governors Meeting,

The IAEA board should pass a resolution condemning Iran’s refusal to allow an inspection at Parchin and its stonewalling on achieving an umbrella agreement.