ISIS Iran Reports

The following reports address specific issues in Iran's nuclear programs, whether imagery analysis of ongoing work at a nuclear site such as Natanz, our assessment of the latest IAEA report on Iran’s implementation of its safeguards obligations, or a summary of where the various U.S. Presidential candidates stand on the issues.

Archive: July 2013

July 31, 2013: Modeling Iran’s Tandem Cascade Configuration for Uranium Enrichment by Gas Centrifuge,

A technical analysis of Iranian centrifuge cascaded organization and output capabilities and limitations.

July 30, 2013: Critical Capability,

Priority is limiting the number and type of centrifuges at Natanz, Fordow, and any other centrifuge site Iran may now be constructing.

July 29, 2013: Lashkar Ab’ad:  Iran’s Unexplained Laser Enrichment Capabilities,

The report takes a closer look at potential Iranian laser enrichment capabilities and facilities.

July 17, 2013: Iran’s Critical Capability in 2014Verifiably Stopping Iran from Increasing the Number and Quality of its Centrifuges,

Iran is expected to achieve a critical capability in mid-2014, which is defined as the technical capability to produce sufficient weapon-grade uranium from its safeguarded stocks of low enriched uranium for a nuclear explosive.

July 15, 2013: Update on the Arak Reactor,

Iran’s IR-40 Arak heavy water reactor is nearing operational status while concerns mount about its plutonium production capability.