ISIS Iran Reports

The following reports address specific issues in Iran's nuclear programs, whether imagery analysis of ongoing work at a nuclear site such as Natanz, our assessment of the latest IAEA report on Iran’s implementation of its safeguards obligations, or a summary of where the various U.S. Presidential candidates stand on the issues.

Archive: May 2014

May 27, 2014: Spin, Spin, Spin,

Did Iran resolve the IAEA’s concern about its past work on EBWs? The answer has to be no or probably not.

May 23, 2014: ISIS Analysis of the IAEA Iran Safeguards Report,

ISIS’s analysis of the IAEA Iran safeguards report from May 23, 2014

May 15, 2014: Making Iran Come Clean About Its Nukes,

What is the point of striking an agreement with Iran if Tehran will be able to hide its weapons work?

Read the op-ed by David Albright and Bruno Tertrais on the Wall Street Journal website.

May 13, 2014: Parchin: Resolution Urgent,

Prospects of a Comprehensive Solution dim if Iran remains intransigent on Parchin.