ISIS Iran Reports

The following reports address specific issues in Iran's nuclear programs, whether imagery analysis of ongoing work at a nuclear site such as Natanz, our assessment of the latest IAEA report on Iran’s implementation of its safeguards obligations, or a summary of where the various U.S. Presidential candidates stand on the issues.

Archive: September 2015

September 28, 2015: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,

Prisoner swaps with Iran would be misguided policy and only encourage Iran to detain additional U.S. citizens over its illicit procurement violations or other policy objectives.

September 22, 2015: IAEA Visit to the Parchin Site,

IAEA access to the Parchin site is an important accomplishment, but the manner in which environmental samples were taken raises troubling precedents.

September 16, 2015: Additional Taiwan-Based Element of Iranian Military Goods Procurement Network Exposed,

Another part of a network prosecuted for conspiring to violate U.S. export control laws and transship dual-use military equipment from the United States to Iran.

September 11, 2015: Parchin Site Update and Debate,

An analysis of the recent Parchin site/IAEA inspection debate and a review of criticisms of our findings