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Iran election and nuclear program polling results announced

Iran election and nuclear program polling results announced photo

June 8, 2009

The New America Foundation and Terror Free Tomorrow released today the results of an important poll of Iranian public opinion on a range of issues, most importantly the June 12 presidential election and Iran’s nuclear program. 
Thirty-seven percent of Iranians plan to vote for President Ahmadinejad, while only 14 percent expect to vote for Mir Hussein Moussavi.  Though Ahmadinejad clearly has the advantage, 27 percent of those polled were undecided.  Under Iran’s system of elections, if the candidate does not win a simple majority there must be a run-off election, which at this point looks likely.  Of note, 59 percent of respondants said that they were happy with the choices of candidates for president.

Not surprisingly, 83 percent of Iranians “strongly favor” nuclear power; more than 70 percent would favor increased inspections (presumably the pollsters are referring to the Additional Protocol, but this is not specified) and some limitations to their nuclear activities (though these too are unspecified) in exchange for trade and investment and other incentives.  A strong majority, 68 percent, favor Iran working with the United States to resolve the Iraq war.  On Israel, most oppose a peace treaty recognizing Israel unless and 64 percent support Iranian military and financial aid to Palestinian opposition groups.  Interviews were conducted by phone, in Farsi of 1001 Iranians between May 11 and May 20, 2009. 

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