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IRGC Article Discusses “Day after Iran’s First Nuclear Test”

IRGC Article Discusses “Day after Iran’s First Nuclear Test” photo

June 8, 2011

ISIS would like to draw your attention to an interesting new blog post by The Guardian’s Julian Borger which includes a translated text of a strange article posted April 24 on the Gerdab website, which is run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).  The article describes (in prose form) “the day after Iran’s first nuclear test,” which it calls “a normal day.”  It reads, “The day before, probably in central deserts of Iran, where once Americans and some other Western countries wanted to bury their nuclear waste, an underground nuclear explosion has taken place.”  The article goes on to describe the subsequent media coverage over Iran’s nuclear explosion, but says, “The day after the Islamic Republic of Iran’s first nuclear test will be an ordinary day for us Iranians.”  Borger speculates, “This has the look of a kite being flown, but for whom?  It could be intended to get Iranians used to the idea of a nuclear test, and less fearful of international reaction.  It could be a gesture of defiance to the world by hardline elements…”  Borger notes that Gerdab is run by the IRGC’s cyber command and the article could be a message of defiance in response to the recent Stuxnet cyber attack on Natanz.  Whatever the intent of the article, as Borger quotes Iran expert Meir Javadanfar, “It’s breaking a major taboo.”     

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