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April 15, 2011

ISIS has been closely following and reporting on the Stuxnet computer malware that attacked Iran’s nuclear program, identifying the Natanz enrichment facility as the most likely target, assessing the damage to Natanz, and understanding the pathway of Stuxnet to Natanz. 

  • ISIS report from February 28, 2013 on the Stuxnet virus, “Basic Attack Strategy of Stuxnet 0.5”, illustrates the attack method and probable centrifuge parts targeted by the virus as exposed by the latest . 

  • ISIS issued on February 15, 2011 an update to its December 22, 2010 ISIS Report on Stuxnet.  The February report is available here.  The December report is available here.

  • The ISIS report on Stuxnet was featured in a front page, widely picked up article by The Washington Post on February 16, 2011.  This article is available here.

  • Fox News released a segment on Stuxnet in which David Albright appears in March 2012, available here.

  • In an article in the April 2011 edition of Vanity Fair, David Albright is quoted on his assessments of the impact of the Stuxnet worm on the Iranian program.  Albright also expresses concern over possible results of cyber attacks, such as whether Iran “will feel they’ve been attacked and they can do something in return if they want to.”
  • David Albright appeared on CNN’s Parker Spitzer show on February 15, 2011 to discuss the report. 

    The interview is available below:

    The computer security company Symantec has done ground-breaking work on understanding the Stuxnet code.  Their work is found at the company’s Security Response blog, which provides timely updates on Symantec’s research into the Stuxnet malware.


  • Symantec uncovered and is reporting on a malware called Duqu, which is similar to Stuxnet and is also found on Iranian systems. Its October 11, 2011 Duqu dossier is found here.  A March 2012 blog post on a new version of Duqu found by Symantec is located here.

  • Kim Zetter of the IT magazine and website, Wired, has written several in-depth articles on Stuxnet.  They are here, here, and here.  An article by Spencer Ackerman, also of Wired, can be found here.

  • The New York Times wrote a detailed report on Stuxnet and its possible authors on January 15, 2011, available here. Additional information can be found on the English language website of Langner Communications:
  • In addition, David Albright had the opportunity of appearing on The Colbert Report to discuss Stuxnet (see full episode). Video of his interview with comedian Stephen Colbert is available below:

    This page is periodically updated to reflect the latest available resources on the Stuxnet virus.

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