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New evidence of Iranian weaponization studies

New evidence of Iranian weaponization studies photo

December 15, 2009

The Times of London has provided ISIS with a series of documents that appear to be studies on the production of neutron initiators. Neutron initiators have no relevant civilian applications but are instead important components of highly enriched uranium based nuclear weapons. Adding to the level or concern caused by these documents is that fact that they are not from within the civilian nuclear program but rather the FEDAT (Field of Expansion and Deployment of Advanced Technologies), an organization under the Ministry of Defense which has been referred to as Iran’s “clandestine nuclear sector”.
The looming question, other than the military’s research into weaponization, is whether such research has continued beyond 2003, the year that the 2007 NIE marked as the end of Iranian weaponization research which has been widely contested by several European intelligence services.

Read the full report on the neutron initiator studies at: New Document Reopens Question on Whether Iran’s Nuclear Weaponization Work Continued Past 2003.

The original documents provided by the Times of London can be found: here.

A look at FEDAT’s organization structure can be found: here.

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