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No progress on diplomatic next steps

No progress on diplomatic next steps photo

February 5, 2009

Yesterday’s meeting in Wiesbaden, Germany of political directors from the United States, China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and Germany reached no substantive conclusions about next diplomatic steps toward Iran.  The lack of action should not come as a surprise.  Secretary of State Clinton has said that Iran policy is in the midst of an extensive review; the placeholder nature of the meeting in Germany was also reflected in Under Secretary Bill Burns’ attendance on behalf of the United States (Burns being a career diplomat appointed by the Bush Administration).  Into this diplomatic void, Iran launched the Omid satellite on February 3.  ISIS President David Albright is quoted here explaining that Sputnik-era technology is not the same as a nuclear warhead or a telecommunications satellite. “It’s harder to send heavier objects and more sophisticated objects into space or across a continent.” Image credit Reuters

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