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Salehi Claims Iran Has 17kg of 19.75% Enriched Uranium

Salehi Claims Iran Has 17kg of 19.75% Enriched Uranium photo

June 23, 2010

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, announced that Iran has produced 17 kilograms (kg) of 19.75 percent enriched uranium at Natanz.  Based on the May 31 IAEA Safeguards Report, ISIS calculated that Iran had produced a total of approximately 11 kg of 19.75 percent uranium by the end of May, with an average rate of about 3 kg per month.  This same monthly estimate would have resulted in approximately 13.4 kg of 19.75 percent uranium produced by June 23, the date of Salehi‚Äôs comments, instead of 17 kg. 

If the total of 17kg is accurate, the new monthly rate of production would be approximately 3.8 kg, instead of 3.  Again, if the 17 kg total is accurate, the initial estimate of approximately 3 kg per month at the end of May would be too low, as the additional kilograms of 19.75 percent uranium would have required a higher monthly rate of production since enrichment began in February.  It is also possible that the 17 kg reflects an overestimation by Iran of its daily or monthly production rate.

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