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The Indian double standard?

The Indian double standard? photo

July 21, 2009

Indian media are reporting that trials of its first indigenously-manufactured nuclear-powered submarine will begin on July 26, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on hand for the launch.  The event is nothing to cheer.  It underscores India’s continued production of fissile material for military purposes outside the IAEA safeguards system (which by definition is only for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy).  It also puts a fine point on policy differences between Iran and India—the U.S.-India nuclear deal is widely acknowledged to be a setback for nonproliferation and will do little to lower India’s carbon emissions.  Worse, it was reported Monday that India rebuffed Secretary Clinton on the subject of India accepting limits on carbon emissions arguing that India must not be held to the same standards as developed countries.  The two countries also signed Monday an “end-use monitoring” agreement that paves the way for India to conclude deals with U.S. defense companies while ensuring that the technology is not retransferred or used in an unauthorized manner.  ISIS has raised questions previously about India’s commitment to maintaining strict controls on proliferation sensitive technology.  These developments make it more difficult to persuade others, Iran in particular, that India is not receiving special treatment.

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