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Atomic Energy Organization of Iran

Established in 1973 in Tehran, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) was designed to technologically advance and ensure the safety of Iran’s civil nuclear program.  The program originally oversaw Iran’s ambitious civil nuclear power effort under the Shah of Iran, geared towards an energy production target of a total power of 23,000 megawatt-electric (MWe) from commercial nuclear power reactors imported from the West. The AEOI currently manages many aspects of the Iranian nuclear program, including the Tehran Research Reactor, the gas centrifuge facilities, Bushehr nuclear power reactor, and uranium mining, milling, and conversion facilities. 

As the AEOI oversees the production of facilities and communication with the IAEA, the United Nations Security Council has taken action against it for violating IAEA safeguards, including provisions in UN Security Council Resolutions 1737 (2006) and 1747 (2007).1 

Iran states that the organization is divided into the five following categories:

Research and Technology Division: This division plans and guides research projects in the nuclear field, applies nuclear sciences in industry, offers technical services, and oversees the production and distribution of radioisotopes. This division also oversees centrifuge development entities.

Nuclear Power Plant Division: Main responsibilities include all aspects of the construction of nuclear facilities: planning, construction, commissioning, and decommissioning. This division is also responsible for crisis management.2

Nuclear Fuel Production Division:  Within this division, there are six sub-departments including the Jaber Ibn Hayan Research Dept., Exploration and Mining Dept., Beneficiation and Hydrometallurgical Research Center, Nuclear Fuel Research and Production, Waste Management Dept., and Saghand Mining Dept.3  The Nuclear Fuel Production Division also oversees the transfer of materials and the development of peaceful nuclear technologies across the country.4

International Affairs Department: Represents the AEOI at the IAEA and NPT hearings, handling legal and parliamentary affairs. 

Iranian Nuclear Regulatory Division (also known as Engineering and Technical Supervision Department): Supervises safety standards and IAEA safeguards implementation.5

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