Nuclear Sites

Institute of Applied Physics (IAP)

The IAEA’s November 2004 report states that the Applied Physics Institute was located at Lavisan-Shian, at least until 2002, and that the institute was involved in meeting the “education and R&D needs of the Ministry of Defense.”

The IAP arises in discussions between the IAEA and Iran on the “military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program.  It is one of three entities (the others being the Physics Research Center and the Educational Research Institute whose procurement activities have been questioned by the IAEA, in particular as it concerns “training courses on neutron calculations, the effect of shock waves on metal, enrichment/isotope separation and ballistic missiles. Efforts to procure spark gaps, shock wave software, neutron sources, special steel parts and radiation measurement equipment, including borehole gamma spectrometers….”

Iran has denied that the Institute’s work was related to EBW detonators and claims the items were for its oil logging industries.  The IAEA continues to investigate the matter.

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