Nuclear Sites

Shahid Hemat Industrial group (SHIG)

The Shahid Hemat Industrial Group (SHIG) arises first in the February 2008 IAEA report recounting discussions with Iran over the procurement activities of the Physics Research Center.  In 1988 the head of SHIG was approached on behalf of Tehran University for help in procuring a mass spectrometer for educational purposes.  According to Iran, the mass spectrometer was never delivered. 

More relevant to Iran’s alleged nuclear weaponization efforts, the May 2008 IAEA report cites a March 3, 2003 document from Dr. Fakhrizadeh to to Shahid Hemat Industrial Group (SHIG) management, referring to the “Amad Plan” and seeking assistance with the prompt transfer of data for “Project 111”.  For more regarding Fakhrizadeh and his role in Iran’s weaponization efforts, see MODAFL and notes from the February 2008 IAEA briefing to UN missions.

According to UN Resolution 1737 (2006), SHIG is a subordinate entity to the Aerospace Industries Organization, which conducts research and development on ballistic missiles.

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